Vacation Pet Sitting

Standard (30 minutes)..................$29 per visit

Extra Love (45 minutes)................$34 per visit

These visits are for pet parents who will be away from their homes travelling (ie: vacation, work). You must have a start and end date to qualify for this service.

What Vacation Pet Sitting includes:

  • Providing food, fresh water, and treats if allowed

  • Scooping litter and disposing of waste

  • Taking dogs for bathroom breaks and fresh air

  • Administering medication if necessary 

  • Playtime, attention, and interaction

  • Bringing in packages

  • Checking mail *

  • Watering plants *

  • Rotating blinds/curtains *

*Upon request only


Duration of Vacation Pet Sitting visits:

  • Standard visits are 30 minutes and Extra Love visits are 45 minutes. Standard visits are recommended for homes with only 1 or 2 pets to allow sufficient time to properly care for them without rushing. Extra Love visits are recommended for homes with 3+ pets, very sociable pets who require extra attention, pets who need to be given medication, or special needs cases. 

Feline Social Enrichment Sessions

5 days a week.............................$27 per visit**

Less than 5 days a week..............$29 per visit

**Purchased as a package. Package deals are required to be paid in full upfront and there are no refunds for cancellations.


These sessions are for cat parents who work during the day and have little time for interactive playtime with their cats. This service is only available Monday through Friday from 12 pm to 2 pm.

What Feline Social Enrichment Sessions include:

  • Interactive play with toys like feather wands and lasers, brushing, petting, sitting together, and maybe even teaching kitty a new trick :) 

  • Refill water bowl if needed

  • Choice of treat at the end of session (freeze dried chicken, meat tubes, catnip, or Greenies dental treats are usually what I have on hand)


Duration of Feline Social Enrichment Sessions:

  • These sessions last approximately 20 minutes.