Each service begins with a complimentary Meet & Greet which you can learn about below. There are also additional items you should know about listed at the bottom of the page.

We offer daily visits up to twice a day with an option for a standard 30 minute visit or an "extra love" 45 minute visit. An add-on litter box cleanout service is also available.

*Cats must be visited at least once a day per our Minimum Visit Policy, no exceptions.

We offer special insulin visits at specific times of the morning and evening to ensure your diabetic cats get their medication at the proper times.

*Cats must allow us to safely administer their medication, otherwise it will not be given.

We offer daily mid-day visits with an option for either 15 or 30 minutes for your finned, feathered, and smaller, furry pets. 

Monday-Sunday | AM block (7:30-9:30 am)

and/or PM block (4-6 pm)
Visits include food/water, playtime, litter scooping, medication (excludes insulin), and basic home care (checking mail, watering plants, rotating blinds/lights, taking out trash/recycling, bringing in packages)

30 minutes......$29.00/visit
45 minutes......$34.00/visit

a cat eating food from a bowl

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cat litter box

Add-On Service

Litter Box Cleanout

Disposing old litter, cleaning litter box with soap and water, and refilling with fresh litter (provided by client).


Price per litter box... $10


* Each requested litter box will only be serviced once; we will only service a maximum of 2 litter boxes per visit.


** This service will be performed by a two person team (myself and my husband). We are both insured and bonded through Pet Sitters Associates.

Monday-Sunday | AM Block (6:30-7 am)

and/or PM block (6:30-7 pm)
Specifically for diabetic cats. In addition to insulin shots, visits will include everything from regular Cat Sitting visits.

*Up to 45 minutes......$34.00/visit

*Depending on the number of cats, these visits can take anywhere from 30-45 minutes. Because safety is our top priority, we take our time at each visit to ensure we measure the correct dosage for each shot and that your cat does not have any adverse reactions afterward.

tuxedo cat with big eyes staring weirdly into camera

Monday-Sunday | Mid-day block (12-2 pm)

Available for the following pets: Fish, Birds, Chickens, Rabbits, Gerbils, Hamsters, Guinea Pigs, Chinchillas, and Ferrets.
Visits include food/water, playtime, basic litter/cage/fish tank care, and basic home care (checking mail, watering plants, rotating blinds/lights, taking out trash/recycling, bringing in packages).

15 minutes......$24.00/visit
30 minutes......$29.00/visit

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The initial Meet & Greet is a complimentary 30 minute visit which allows me to meet you and your pets face-to-face. During this time, we'll go over policies, expectations, pet routines, key exchanges, and final onboarding steps.


As a no-obligation meeting, there's absolutely no pressure if either party decides not to move forward.

additional items

a sleeping cat poking out from under blanket covers

Key Pick-Up/ Drop-Off

A $15 fee will incur for each trip if we must pick-up your key after the initial Meet & Greet or if you request your key be dropped-off after the final visit.

Additional Meet & Greet

If you move or welcome a new pet to your family, a second Meet & Greet will be required and a $15 fee will apply.



service map for Snuggle Bug Pet Sitting, LLC

This service map is for informational purposes only. It is not exact and should not be used to determine eligibility.