What my visits include:


  • Providing food and fresh water

  • Scooping litter and disposing of waste

  • Taking dogs for bathroom breaks (walk not included)

  • Administering medication if necessary (Insulin injections will incur an additional fee of $10 per shot)

  • Feline social enrichment- including but not limited to interactive play with toys like feather wands and lasers, brushing, petting, sitting together, and maybe even teaching kitty a new trick :) 

I will also be happy to bring in your mail, water any plants, and rotate blinds while you're away (only upon request).

Duration of my visits:

  • Visits are not timed- they take as long as they take. If I'm caring for multiple pets who enjoy attention, my visits might take between 30-45 minutes, sometimes longer. If the pets I'm caring for are particularly shy, skittish, or even downright scared of visitors, I will not prolong my visit longer than necessary. These visits might only take 10-15 minutes. It really just depends on the needs of each pet.


My rates are based on location. The farther I must travel to your home, the higher the rate per visit will be.


0- 5 miles: $23

5.1- 10 miles: $26

10.1- 15 miles: $29

15.1- 20 miles: $32


I do not travel more than 20 miles from zip code 27409. 

To get a custom rate, fill out the Request a Meet and Greet form. I'll be happy to give you an estimate!