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Drop-in visits offered for cats, dogs, fish, birds, and small rodents.

Visits are not timed- they take as long as they take. If I'm caring for multiple pets who enjoy attention, my visits might take between 30-45 minutes, sometimes longer. If the pets I'm caring for are particularly shy, skittish, or even downright scared of visitors, I will not prolong my visit longer than necessary. These visits might only take 10-15 minutes. It really just depends on the needs of each pet.

My visits include food/water, litter clean-up for cats, potty breaks** for dogs, and anything else a part of your pet's normal routine, including lots of love, cuddles, pets and general spoiling :)

I will administer medication such as pills, drops, and creams at no additional charge.  Insulin injections will incur an additional fee of $10 per shot.

I will also be happy to bring in your mail, water any plants, and rotate blinds while you're away.

Daily updates will be sent through our selected pet sitting software. All established clients have their own account.

**I will only take your dog out long enough for him/her to do their bathroom business.  If your dog requires a longer walk or you are looking for someone to come on a regular basis, please contact a dedicated dog walker.  


My rates are based primarily on location. The farther I must travel to your home, the higher the rate per visit will be.


0- 5 miles: $23

5.1- 10 miles: $26

10.1- 15 miles: $29

15.1- 20 miles: $32


I do not travel beyond 20 miles. 

To get a custom rate, fill out the Request a Meet and Greet form. I'll be happy to give you an estimate!