Need To Know

Below you will find our Booking Process and a snapshot of the Most Important Policies and Procedures every new client should know before deciding to move forward with Snuggle Bug Pet Sitting, LLC. We want you to feel secure and confident in the pet care service you choose. 

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The Booking Process

Step One

Click on Become a Client and fill out the form. Your submission will be evaluated and if you’re a good fit, a follow-up email will be sent with new client onboarding instructions.


Step Two

Your onboarding email will contain the link to your New Client Welcome Packet. The forms in this packet are required to be completed before moving forward. The information you provide will be used to set up your personalized Time to Pet account. 

Step Three

After successfully completing the New Client Welcome Packet, you may schedule your complimentary Meet and Greet at a day and time convenient for you.


Step Four

During the Meet and Greet, we will go over important policies, expectations, pet routines, and key exchanges. Time permitting, I can also walk you through the free Time to Pet app which you will use to request services, pay your invoices, and keep your profile up-to-date.


Most Important Policies & Procedures


All of our rates and fees can be accessed through our website. Rates are non-negotiable and are subject to change without further notice.



A 50% non-refundable deposit is required upon receipt of your invoice in order to secure your booking. The remaining balance will be automatically charged to your payment method on file 48 hours prior to the start of services. You are allowed to pay the total amount if you wish; however, 50% will still be considered a non-refundable deposit. Last-minute requests (less than four days from the first day of service) are required to be paid in full and the entire invoice is considered non-refundable. 



Phone calls are answered Monday-Friday from 10 am to 2 pm; Pet sitting requests made through Time to Pet are processed Monday-Sunday from 10 am to 6 pm. If you need to reach your pet sitter outside of these hours, the best way to do so is by sending them a secure message through the Time to Pet app.



All booking requests must be made through Time to Pet. We cannot “pencil you in” or “hold a spot” for any requests. We are a first-come, first-serve business. Requests made in Time to Pet will not be processed until they are within 3 months of the service. We are unable to guarantee availability until then. If you attempt to request services by phone, text, or email, you will be directed to Time to Pet to submit your request.



You must cancel services at least 24 hours prior to the first visit in order to be eligible for a credit (no refunds) for future visits. Otherwise, payment is forfeited. No refunds or credits will be offered for early returns/ late departures.



We do not guarantee specific appointment times. We operate within time blocks only. Morning cat sitting visits occur between 7:30 am and 9:30 am; evening visits occur between 4 pm and 6 pm. Small pet care visits occur once a day between 12-2 pm. Cat insulin visits occur between 6:30-7 am and 6:30-7 pm. Please ensure both you and your pets are comfortable with these time blocks. 



Indoor cats must be visited at least once a day. We will not accommodate requests for "every other day" or "twice a week". As a professional pet care business, your cats' physical health, safety, and emotional well-being come first. 


We will only give medication to pets that allow us to safely administer it. If your pet displays aggression of any kind, run and hide, or are otherwise uncooperative, this will make it impossible for us to administer their medication and we will not attempt to do so. Therefore, please ensure your pets are comfortable receiving medication from strangers and they do not put up a fight. We do not assume and have no liability for illness which results from an uncooperative pet unwilling to take medication.



Job sharing of any kind is not covered under our insurance. We cannot be responsible for your pets or home if another service provider, friend, or family member enters your property while we are not there or take over before you leave/come home. We require homes to be vacant of humans in order to provide pet sitting services. If we encounter an individual in your home while we are there, pet sitting visits will be promptly terminated, our contract will be rendered null and void, and no refund or credit will be issued.



Initial Meet & Greets are complimentary. They allow me the chance to meet you and your pets, go over policies, expectations, pet routines, and determine whether we will be a good fit for one another. However, if you move or welcome a new pet to your home, a second Meet & Greet will be required and a $15 fee will apply.


A 2.9% credit card processing fee will be added to each invoice. No exceptions.



We will retain a copy of your key/s at the time of your Meet & Greet. Unless told otherwise, we will hold onto them for future visits. If you require a separate key pick-up and/or drop-off visit, a $15 fee will incur for each trip. If you prefer to leave your keys in a secured lockbox, you may purchase one from us for $20 or your own.



We will make reasonable efforts to maintain service during inclement weather but reserve the right to adjust the schedule of service based on our discretion. It's in your best interest to have an emergency contact on stand-by (like a neighbor) in case an unforeseen event prevents us from reaching your pets. If your pet falls ill, we will take all reasonable measures to reach you or your emergency contacts. If we're unable to reach anyone, we will use our discretion whether a trip to the vet is necessary. We kindly ask that you inform your veterinary office that we'll be caring for your pets in your absence and leave a method of payment on file at their office in case emergency care is required. 




If your cat is an “indoor only” cat, it will remain indoors. If your cat is an “indoor/outdoor” cat, it will also remain indoors for the duration of our pet sitting visits. We cannot be held responsible for any illness or injury sustained by your cat while roaming outside. For their protection and ours, they will not be allowed outside while under our care. 



It is the pet owner’s sole responsibility to pet-proof any areas of the home or property to which the pet has access. This includes thoroughly inspecting fences, gates, latches, doors, and other devices meant to keep the pet inside or away from any ‘forbidden’ areas. We do not assume and have no liability for any injuries the pet may sustain while in its own home.