Get to meet your pet sitters


Julissa Bonds

Owner/ Primary Pet Sitter

Hometown:  The Bronx, NY

Favorite animal(s):  Cats, llamas, alpacas and goats

Why I love pet sitting:  It's all about the fur babies!  I love spending time with animals.  They are so therapeutic!

Strengths as a pet sitter:  I'm affectionate and loving with every animal I meet.  They'll always get tons of attention when I'm around.

Robert Bonds

Back-Up Pet Sitter

Hometown:  Baltimore City, MD

Favorite animal(s): Dogs and cats

Why I love pet sitting: It relaxes me.

Strengths as a pet sitter: I'm calm and gentle around animals but definitely not a push-over.  I project an assertive energy animals respond positively to.