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Julissa Bonds, the owner of Snuggle Bug Pet Sitting

Animals have always brought me happiness. That's why starting a pet sitting business just made sense to me.

I remember sitting on the couch one day, petting my cat Momo, thinking 'I wish I could just snuggle cats all day instead of going to work.' I worked full time at Guilford College and while I enjoyed helping the students, it wasn't bringing me happiness or satisfaction. So I decided to start small. I would offer pet sitting services as a side gig. That was the summer of 2019.

My very first client was a Jack Russell Terrier named Jack. Boy, was he a handful! Boundless energy, super sweet, and so handsome! After just my initial Meet and Greet with Jack and his owner, I was so excited, verging on giddy. I remember telling my husband 'This is what I want to do with my life!'

As new clients starting coming in, I realized I couldn't continue to work full time and pet sit. I was spreading myself too thin. A choice had to be made.

In January 2020, I quit my full time job to put every ounce of myself into my business. Was it scary to give up a consistent paycheck and benefits for a new business? You bet! I had never started a business before. But my husband, who also happens to be my biggest supporter and back up sitter, told me to go all in. How could I ever know how far my business could go if I didn't give it my all?

I'll admit it hasn't always been easy. Not two months later, the pandemic hit and things got slow. But I've never given up. I love what I do! Animals continue to be a source of happiness for me and every day I get to care for them is a good day in my books!